Making The Most Of Your Moving Company: Four Full-Service Options

21 July 2016
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Moving companies offer a range of services and packages, from bare-bones options that only include loading and unloading a truck to white glove, full-service moving options. With a full-service move, you can essentially sit back and let the professionals do all the work. Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a full-service moving company.

Inventory Tracking

With a full-service moving company, you can be sure that all of your items arrive at their final destination. The team will mark each box and piece of furniture on an inventory sheet as the items are loaded onto the truck, and they are then accounted for when the are unloaded and placed in your home. This lets you know that none of your items went missing during the move. The movers may even offer moving insurance, so if something is lost or damaged, it can be noted on the inventory sheet. You can then file a claim to be reimbursed for your loss.

Complete Unpacking

Full-service movers do more than just unload the boxes from the truck. If you choose to have your items unpacked, the moving company will set you up with staff skilled at unpacking. They can arrange your kitchen utensils, plates and cups, arrange clothing in closets and set up your linens and towels. You can mark which boxes you want unpacked, and the movers will touch only those boxes you have designated.

Furniture Assembly And Placement

Your movers will not only haul the furniture into your home; they will also arrange it to your specifications and assemble any furniture that was taken apart during the move. They can place mattresses and box springs on bed frames, and your unpackers can follow behind to make the beds.

Post-Move Cleanup

Unpacking boxes means you will have packing materials and boxes that will need to be discarded. A full-service packing company will load these items onto the moving truck after everything else is complete and haul them away for you. This means that there will be no telltale signs of a move in your garbage cans, which can provide you with added peace of mind. You also won't have to spend any time cleaning up the post-move mess.

Talk to your moving company (like A Best Movers Inc) about the various services offered to see which ones are right for you. With you'll be able to select the services that make your move go smoothly so your home is ready to settle into at the end of moving day.