3 Hacks That'll Help You Maximize Your Storage Unit Space

13 April 2015
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Looking to rent a storage unit as a means of finding space for all your extra stuff? If so, and if you're on a budget, then of course you want to maximize the space you have as much as possible. Some obvious ways to do this include holding a garage sale to get rid of any unwanted items and renting out a larger unit, but what about some simple yet effective storage hacks that'll help you get the most out of even the smallest space?

Utilize Portable Shelving

Your storage unit is a three-dimensional space, so you'll want to utilize not only as much of the floor space as possible, but the height of the space as well. If your storage unit doesn't already have built-in shelving, consider asking the facility manager if you can install some yourself--or use portable shelving to make he most of your unit's height. This way, you can stack boxes and other smaller items along the walls rather than on top of your furniture, maximizing overall space and reducing the chances of boxes toppling over on you.

Store Things Inside Other Things!

Furthermore, be smart about where you're storing things. For example, if you're putting a dresser in your storage unit, why not utilize the space inside the dresser's drawers (if they're empty)? Furthermore, if you're storing appliances, such as refrigerators or dish washers, you can utilize those for extra storage as well. Specifically, pots, pans, and other dishware/silverware can be easily stored in your appliances; just don't forget they're in there when you go to move them out or get rid of them.

Take Furniture Apart

Finally, consider taking some of your more space-consuming furniture apart, such as desks and tables. You might be surprised by just how much room you can save by removing legs and other accessories from these furniture pieces. Doing so also makes them more easily stackable and less cumbersome. Just be sure to label any parts you remove and place the hardware that corresponds to each piece of furniture into a bag. This way, you can easily put the pieces back together if and when the time comes.

As you can see, there are many ways to go about maximizing space in a self-storage unit without having to get rid of any of your belongings or pay more for a larger unit. Be sure to give some or all of these a try! To learn more, contact a business like Epic Group Inc.