Security And Self Storage: Key Factors That Keep Your Belongings Safe

17 April 2015
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When you put your items in self storage, you want peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe. Many self storage facilities use additional measures that increase security. Learn key factors to look for when choosing a storage unit, whether you are housing expensive toys for a summer day or all your possessions during a move.

Keyless entry

Padlocks can be easily manipulated, leaving your belongings susceptible to theft. To prevent this, many companies are using keyless entry pads on their unit doors, and only their customers know the code. Look for a facility that uses these kind of security measures to keep your things safe.

24/7 security

Another thing that storage facilities are starting to use is constant security. This can be in the form of security guards watching gates, cameras in and outside the facility, and even large flood lights that are motion-activated to catch any movement that may be suspicious. Pick a facility that can ensure you your things are under constant watch, even as they are under lock and key.

Temperature control

Protecting your stored items from theft is just one security measure you need to think about. Temperature-controlled units allow you to keep certain items warmer, such as arts and crafts, machinery, and other temperature-sensitive belongings. Fur coats, paints, and other supplies that need to be kept cool can also be protected by this addition. Many storage facilities have select units that offer temperature control for an added monthly fee.


There are things you can do to help keep your stored belongings safe while they are not in your physical possession. Ask your homeowner's or renter's insurance agent to see if your things are insured while they are in storage. If your things are covered, you know you can replace them if they get damaged while they are being transported or if they get stolen from the unit itself. If you don't already have this type of coverage, ask if it can be added to your premium. You will need a list of the things you are storing as well as pictures so your agency can determine how much coverage you need.

Placing your items in self storage is a convenient way to organize your belongings and keep them safe while you don't need them. Many storage unit facilities are using additional safety measures to keep their customers reassured, and there are things you can do as well. Use all the precautions available to you, and you should be able to safely house your belongings anywhere. For more information, speak directly with professionals like Carolina Self Storage.