3 Ways To Keep Your Storage Unit Immaculate

29 April 2015
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When you load your storage unit, it might be easy to focus on stacking things and forget all about cleanliness. Unfortunately, since many storage units are essentially simple garage-style storage spaces out in the open, they can accumulate dust and grime. Here are three ways to keep your storage unit immaculate, so that you don't return to a filthy space:

1: Inspect Your Space

As you shop for a storage unit, take the time to inspect each space. You might feel silly going over each spot with a fine-toothed comb, but a little due diligence might help you to keep dust, moisture, and bugs away from your stuff. Here are a few things you should check for during your search:

  • Holes: Look for holes in the wall to the outside, or gaps in the weather stripping around the door.
  • Floor Cracks: If your unit has cement floors, look for cracks or heaved surfaces. If you spot any problems, it could be a sign that the facility experiences ground movement.
  • Discoloration: Check the ceiling for signs of discoloration, which could indicate moisture damage.

If you find problems, ask to see another space. If the unit that you love has a few issues, ask the facility management if they have a maintenance staff that can correct the problem. The maintenance staff might be able to replace weather stripping or roof materials so that wind and water won't enter the unit.

2: Use Dust Covers

Although you might be tempted to leave all of those boxes out in the open, dust will accumulate on your things. Although this grime might be easy to wipe off of boxes, tables, and other non-porous objects, it might be difficult to clean it out of upholstered goods and off of food storage. To protect your things, invest in a few high quality dust covers that you can use to drape over your things.

After you cover your belongings, secure the edges so that the cover doesn't move around. As you retrieve items from your unit during your storage experience, replace the cover to keep your things protected. It might seem like a hassle, but this simple step could save you from a lot of cleaning down the road.

3: Focus On Pest Control

Last but not least, talk with the storage facility about their policy on pest control. Ask when the last time the unit was sprayed for pests, and whether or not they monitor for new problems. To fend off problems, consider buying an inexpensive jug of pesticide and spraying the corners of your unit. You might be able to keep spiders and other pests from accumulating in your stuff while you are taking care of other things.

By taking a little extra time to prepare your storage unit, you can store for the long haul without worrying. To learn more, contact a company like American Storage.