Keeping Your Dog Or Cat Safe On Moving Day

18 May 2015
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The act of moving is stressful not only for humans, but also for family pets. Your dog or cat's needs should never be overlooked on moving day. Here's how to keep them safe on this hectic day.

I.D. Them

Some cat owners don't bother putting a collar on their indoor cats since they're inside all the time anyway. But on moving day, all pets should be wearing a collar, even if that's not the norm for your family. Cats and dogs can get frightened when the moving company employees are roaming inside the home, packing and removing your furnishings. As the rooms empty, your pet's anxiety will increase. Frightened and disoriented animals will often run away out of natural instinct to escape a perceived threat. Your pet may even think you are abandoning them, and leave to seek another home in the wild.

The I.D. tag should have the pet's name, your name, and your telephone number and/or address. This not only will help get your dog or cat returned to you if they wander off, but it will help the moving company employees to recognize the animal as a family pet.

Isolate Them

Just as farm owners would blindfold frightened horses in order to lead them safely away from a burning barn, you should prevent your pet from witnessing an event that they may find terrifying – the packing and moving of their familiar environment. This is one stress that is within your control to keep from impacting your family pet.

The best way to protect your dog or cat is to isolate them from the chaotic and noisy moving day activities. Choose a room that the movers won't need to enter to complete their job, such as a bathroom that has already been packed up. Put down food and water and some familiar items like the dog bed or cat blanket. Don't worry if the pet makes a mess because it can't go outside. Check on your pet periodically. If there's a mess, the bathroom floor will be easy to clean up. Keep the door closed and post a large sign on the outside alerting the movers not to enter.

Protect Them

Even after the movers are gone and your pets are free to roam the house, there is a danger that they will be startled at finding their familiar surroundings so changed and empty. Animals are creatures of habit and routine. When the environment changes so suddenly, they have no way of understanding what happened or why. This can cause them to panic or even run away, given the opportunity. It's critical now to keep them from going outside without a leash. Even if your yard has a perimeter fence, your panicked and confused pet may find a way to escape what they may think is a dangerous or foreign environment. If you must let them out to relieve themselves, attach their collar to a leash. If possible, provide supervision until they come back inside.

Dogs and cats are gentle creatures that need to be treated with sensitivity during your move. Caring well for them during this stressful time will help your whole family transition more smoothly to your new home. 

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