3 Ways To Maximize Space In A Small Storage Unit Used For Your Children's Belongings

15 June 2015
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Throughout the years, children can accumulate a lot of stuff. As a parent, it can be hard to just let go of all of their things as they grow, which means you usually end up with a hefty stash of childhood things that you want to hang on to. A mini storage unit could be the perfect way to keep these items safe, but not taking up room at home. In spite of their small space, they do still provide you with space you may not have in your house. To maximize the space that you have to work with in your small self storage unit, there are a few organizational tips to keep in mind.

1. Utilize Vacuum Storage Bags for Stuffed Animals - Stuffed animals are almost always some of the most treasured childhood possessions. The only problem is, when your little one outgrows the stage when they want these items around, they can take up a lot of space. However, these stuffed toys are mostly filled with air, which means they work perfect for vacuum storage bags. When you place these toys in a vacuum bag and remove the air, you end up with a collapsed, storage vessel that is nowhere near as space consuming as what a cardboard box or plastic container would be. Plus, the stuffed animals will come out looking just like they did when you placed them in storage.

2. Opt for Stackable Storage Containers - When you are packing up items to place in your storage unit, look for plastic containers that are stackable. These containers will have indentations around the lids that will accept a protruded area at the base of another container. This allows you to stack containers, all the way to the ceiling of the unit if needed, in a sturdy fashion. Make sure these containers also have lock-in-place lids, which will also give you more stability while you are stacking.

3. Disassemble As Much as Possible - From the changing table you had when your child was a baby to that precious kids-sized table and chairs, all of these items can take up a lot of space in a small storage unit. Before placing these items in storage, disassemble everything, removing protruding parts and legs, to make more room.  The more you can break down what you have into smaller pieces, the more control you can have to compact what you have and eliminate dead space in the storage unit.

There is nothing wrong with hanging on to what you have from your children's past, and renting a small storage unit can make this an even easier task. By being careful about how you store the items you have, you can easily fit all you need into a unit that is not very large.

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