Preparing Your Home And Belongings For Moving

8 July 2015
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If you will be having a moving service come to your home to haul away your belongings or get a household moving estimate, you will want to make a few adjustments to the way your house is set up and the way you package your belongings so the workers will be able to move them safely. Here are some tips you can use within your own home to help keep moving service workers safe on moving day.

Get Some Help

Have a friend or family member watch your children and pets as you have the moving company come to your home. This will ensure no one gets hurt when movers are shuffling through the home with heavy items that could fall and cause injury, especially if a cat or child is not around to quickly ran past them and cause problems. If you cannot remove pets from the home, designate a room to be used for holding the pets throughout the moving process. Put a sign on the door informing everyone that pets are inside so the movers will know not to open the door.

Make Pathways

To make things easier on the moving company, keep the middles of each room free from any furniture and items you wish to move. Place all the items against walls along the perimeter of the room so movers can use the middle space for readjusting weight. The movers will not need to worry they will be knocking down items as they walk through each room and they will be able to get through without having to twist or turn to get around items, decreasing the risk of back injury.

Consider Weight

When you package your belongings to be moved, heavier items should be placed in smaller containers. It is difficult to carry a heavy item in a bulky container, so sticking to just one of these is best. When using smaller containers, you will not be able to stick in last-minute items, which would make the container even heavier as a result.

Use Packing Materials

When you package your items, make sure the containers you house them in are sturdy. Using older cardboard boxes that have begun deteriorating can fall apart, possibly injuring a mover as the contents spill out. Use adequate tape on any boxes so there is less chance of box breakage. On heavier items such as furniture or electronics, cover any protrusions with bubble wrap or tape so they do not scrape the moving company workers as they bring it to the moving truck.