Preparing To Move Belongings From Your Garage And Shed

9 February 2016
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If you plan on moving into a new home, you are undoubtedly making preparations by packing up your belongs for transport. The items in your garage and shed will need a bit of extra care in the way they are packaged so they are not a hazard to anyone while in transit and to keep them from unnecessary damage. Here are some tips to follow when getting your garage and shed items ready for moving day.

Drain All Fluids

All mechanical items that require fluids to run, such as lawnmowers, snow throwers, generators, or landscaping equipment will need to be drained before moving. This will not only ensure there are no leakages inside the moving van or truck, but will also keep the items from being heavy enough to cause an impact with the weight restriction for making the haul. Since many of these items require gasoline or oil to run, you will also reduce the chance of an unfortunate fire as these are flammable materials.

Know The Limits

Many moving companies have stipulations in place regarding the moving of hazardous materials. Some of the items you use regularly to maintain your home may fall into this category. Get a list from your in state moving company of the items you are not allowed to place on the truck so you can make alternate plans for these items should you have some in your possession. These would include chemicals and solvents, pesticides, as well as batteries or other items with acidic properties. You may be able to recycle these items before you move or give them away to a neighbor who may be able to utilize them on their own property.

Consider Other Means

Larger items you house in your garage such as all terrain vehicles or ride on lawnmowers, may fare better by being transported in a different method. Since these are considered smaller vehicles, you may want to haul them to your new home in a small trailer you can attach to a hitch to the back of your vehicle. Another idea is to hire an equipment moving service to bring the items to your new home in a separate shipment from your household items.

Protect Sharp Edges

You most likely have some tools needing to go along for the ride when you move to your new home. Make sure all blades are removed from tools and wrapped with a heavy-duty plastic bubble wrap and cloth before placing into a box. Wrap each of your tools separately so they do not cause damage to others they are stored with inside a box while they are jostling around in a moving.

Longer items like brooms and rakes should be packaged in a bundle. Use a large piece of cardboard to wrap around these items and secure with packing tape. This will keep them from scattering inside the moving van. Wrap towels around larger protrusions and keep in place with packing tape as well.